{2020} Best Gaming Phones


Are you searching best gaming phone under your budget like less than 40,000 then you are in right place today i will tell you best gaming phone in which you can play heavy to heavy games without any lag. Those phone which i will telling with you is a fully gaming phone and these phones are only making for gaming purpose or games live streaming purpose.

So, These below phones are maximum current CPU processor with maximum RAM(andom access memory). All of these below phones are more battery backup and wide and long display which helps to play game easily. Most of the phones are come with inbulit air tiger which is really awesome.

SO, without waste of time let’s start and we will try to know that which phone is best for you and comes under your budget.

1. Asus ROG Phone II

Guys this gaming smartphone ( asus rog phone 2) is really a powerful gaming phone because this phones have Latest Cpu processor anf high graphics card that makes your games smooth and get up to 60 frame per second.

This  Asus Rog PHONE 2 phone comes with air trigger which is also a good thing for gamer who use more than two fingers. while using in built trigger you can play any games with four to five finger which helps to makes you to a professinal gamer.

2. Red Magic 3S

Red magic 3S is the world second best gaming phones for gamers becuaue this phones has 845 plus snapdragon processor and comes with two RAM varient that is 8 GB and 12 GB.

Most of the gamers like this phone because this phones also comes with  inbuilt air trigger like asus rog 2. But this phone has one disadvantages that is their camera quality. red magic 3s has give 32mp camera but they don’t capture high quality images that is one of the biggest crons of this phones.

So, if you go to both camera and performance then i don’t recommended to buy this phone. but if you only play games and use for only gaming purpose you can go this phones.


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